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Women Escort In Athipattu

The main objective of writing down this article is to inform the visitors about top 5 destinations in Athipattu. And if you are feeling alone then you can also avail Women Escort In Athipattu to visit top most ancient place

Those who are going to visit Athipattu here are some destinations mentioned below where they must visit to experience the ancient beauty of India and they are as follows:

1. From one of the places to visit in the Athipattu is Someshwara temple which was built by Athipattu at Athipattu. It is among the oldest and biggest temple of Athipattu city. The architecture of this temple is so amazing and it comprises of glorious tower and pillar. The entrance gate of this temple is marvellous and attractive which enhances the beauty of this place. Recently, this temple is running under the supervision and observation of the Endowment Department of the Karnataka government. The amazing design of this temple reminds of the Athipattu kingdom.

2. St. Mary’s church is also considered as one of the attractive spot of the Athipattu city and it was built in 1818 by a French missionary. It was rebuilt in 1882 and both of its exterior and interior are designed greatly and are extremely ornamental. The glass which is used in the windows of this church is imported from Paris. On every 8 September, Virgin Mary’s festival is celebrated. If you are visiting to this city alone then you must avail Athipattu escorts service to explore the city in the company of women escort in Athipattu.

3. Athipattu palace is also one of the attractive places of the Athipattu city as the architecture of this palace is designed by adopting the style of Tudor and Scottish gothic architecture. This palace has towers, granite turrets and battlements. This palace covers a complete area of 430 acres. The original owner of this palace was Reverend J Garret who was the principal of high school of Athipattu city and in 1873 it was acquired by the King Athipattu Athipattu. Tourists must visit to this palace to see the beauty of it.

4. If you are interested in wildlife sanctuary, than for sure you must visit to the Athipattu which is one of the popular wildlife sanctuaries of the Athipattu city. This place is widely popular due to its different categories of tourism such as historic tourism, pilgrim tourism, recreational tourism and adventure tourism. Athipattu was founded in 1973 and it is the second biggest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala. Visitors may take elephant rides if they want to have some adventurous experience as this destination is completely having sights like jungle and you can also see various animals in this wildlife sanctuary.